Gloria Chang is a journalist, writer and broadcaster based in Vancouver, Canada. She writes in-depth magazine feature stories, columns, and social media content. She creates compelling documentaries for radio and television.

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Her specialties: culture; society; science, health & technology; and wine. Creativity, passion and integrity are the cornerstones of her work. Meet her.

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Coming December 16, 2012

Re-Broadcast of In Search of Buddha

Sunday, Dec 16, 2012: 2:05 p.m. ET, AT, CT, 2:35 NT, 3:05 PT, and 4:05 MT on CBC Radio One Tapestry
and various times on Sirius Satellite 159 across North America

Does a dog have Buddha nature?

Join writer and broadcaster Gloria Chang as she lives, eats and sleeps alongside the monks at Musangsa Monastery in South Korea to answer an age-old kong-an (koan in Japanese zen) - Does a dog have Buddha nature?

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