Gloria Chang is a journalist, writer and broadcaster based in Vancouver, Canada. She writes in-depth magazine feature stories, columns, and social media content. She creates compelling documentaries for radio and television.

Visit her at for current story samples, and for links to all her online profiles.

Her specialties: culture; society; science, health & technology; and wine. Creativity, passion and integrity are the cornerstones of her work. Meet her.

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Coming December 16, 2012

Re-Broadcast of In Search of Buddha

Sunday, Dec 16, 2012: 2:05 p.m. ET, AT, CT, 2:35 NT, 3:05 PT, and 4:05 MT on CBC Radio One Tapestry
and various times on Sirius Satellite 159 across North America

Does a dog have Buddha nature?

Join writer and broadcaster Gloria Chang as she lives, eats and sleeps alongside the monks at Musangsa Monastery in South Korea to answer an age-old kong-an (koan in Japanese zen) - Does a dog have Buddha nature?

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What's New? ARCHIVE

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