In Search of Buddha

Spiritual Journey
Running Time:
25 min
TAPESTRY on CBC Radio One & Sirius Satellite 137
Broadcast Date:
Coming in 2011
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One of the pictures depicting the spiritual journey to enlightenment.

My first two attempts at buddhahood, the state of perfect enlightenment, were not at all auspicious. Sore and sleep deprived, more curious than anything, I was left a temporary cripple, trying to shake out muscle spasms that had built up during my 108 prostrations, and shake off the unfriendly reaction of the English speaking volunteer guide who didnít like my questions. Who do Buddhists pray to? What do the chants mean? Why do monks from around the world come to Korea to practice zen?

With the clack of the wooden moktok that calls us to our 108 prostrations each morning, the beautiful chanting, and the voices of my spiritual guides, here's my journey in my search for my Buddha nature.

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